R/M Puzzle

This stands for the "Rotate/Move Puzzle". See how many of these you can make the marble reach the goal in the given amount of moves and rotations. It may be possible to solve these in less than the number of moves I specify if I make a mistake. I'm planning on making these interactive one day, but for now you have to move things yourself.

Puzzle 1
New things to know:
- 1 Move is moving any obstacle on the grid one space up, down, left, or right onto a BLANK space.
- 1 Rotation is rotating any obstacle 90 degrees clockwise. In order to flip it, you need to use 2 Rotations, since that totals 180 degrees.
- Anything boxed in red cannot be moved.
- The marble launches and goes in the straight path its arrow specifies.
- The green arrows force the marble to travel in that direction.
- The small square is a lock the marble can't pass until it hits the switch (the circle).

Puzzle 2