You are about to view the answers page to my Overpowering Puzzle. But first, please take a moment to realize that by viewing any of these answers, no matter which clue it is or how little you look at it, you have basically forfeited trying to accomplish this puzzle on your own. Since this puzzle has been up for over 4 months now, I have decided to release these answers to the people that have forever been stuck on a clue even after incredible amounts of effort.

By using the answers on the folloing page, you must be truly and irreversably stuck somewhere. Do not just stare at a clue for 5 minutes without any real concentration, and then retreat back to the answers in order to advance to the next one. That completely abuses the reason I have put this up in the first place. When you have really tried to interpret the clue and still have found nothing after about an hour, that is when you should start considering to refer to this page. No matter how small an answer you get, or how quickly you look at this page, you will never get the full satisfaction of squirming through this on your own or the dominant feeling of finding that finish line at the end.

If you understand this, click here to move on to the answers to each clue.