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Next Hand: Don't Lie to Yourself

If you don't admit your mistakes, you'll never improve

Next Hand: Respect Money
$1000 you earn slowly and $1000 you win instantly are the exact same thing

Next Hand bonus piece: What the hell I'm doing anyway
What other skills do I have? Why did poker hook me in? 

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Next Hand: Do Not Let Emotions Make Your Decisions
They're not very good at it

Next Hand: People Who Generalize Other People ALL SUCK
When generalizations lead to bad conclusions...

Next Hand: The Long Run is Loooooooong
Just because it didn't work out THIS time doesn't mean it was a bad move overall

Next Hand: It's Okay to Fold
You don't need to win every single hand/argument/little thing in the world

Next Hand: Stop Complaining About Things You Can't Control
Just do your best on everything else and let luck do its thing