I've made the first test deck for this game. It contains some Locks, a couple of each action card, and one combination of each path card, keeping in mind that any of them can be rotated around. I decided to make the 4 cards with one solid color on each side have an extra effect, and I've labeled them with what I hope look like gems.

When you place a Gem on the grid, the closest cards on the grid in the same row or column get pulled towards it, like so.

However, you still cannot cause an illegal match on the grid this way, so if you place the red Gem in the spot below... 

The cards get pulled still, but must stop on the space right before the illegal match would occur.

This works the same way for the green and blue Gem. The black one is called the Anti-Gem, and instead of pulling cards towards it, it pushes cards away from it as far as possible. Two straight lines towards the Goals from each player is boring.

These cards are made to move path cards into patterns players might not normally make and cause a little bit of extra chaos. :)

Cards covered by Protect Chips still cannot be moved. If you protect the Gem itself, you place the chip over the Gem, and therefore it loses its power.

Optional stuff:
- Make the effects of the Gems active at all times, even after they've been placed (although what would happen if two Gems met? I'll be lazy and say they would cancel each other out)
- Give the player the option to push/pull cards or have it act like a regular path card