Hyper Arrows, Part 2: Locks


This is a very quick expansion of my new card game idea, Hyper Arrows, from the first article in this series.

Like the path cards, you must match the locks to a colored arrow on the board. For these treasures, however, you can't unlock them unless ALL the locks match immediately. Once you do, you earn the reward listed on that card. You cannot play them otherwise to block a player -- there are other cards for that.

And the better the reward, the more complicated the locks are, and the more you'll need to set up for them if you want to use them...

Other possible rewards:
"Steal 1 card from opponent's hand"
"Destroy all Protect Chips on the board"
"Draw 2/3/4 free cards" 
"Destroy any one card on the board"
"Move any GOAL one space"