Now that TPMC has entered comic number 100, I want to reflect on it a little bit. There may not be things you fully realize about making all of these. So here, I wish to show you the things I have drawn for this milestone, and mention about TPMC in general. So what is TPMC?

Seriously, I don't know how to clearly define TPMC. The best description I can give is what others have said - they are a collection of satirical pieces of work that express my opinions and messages on certain topics. You have quirky little characters, and crudely drawn stick guys, but that's kind of the charm of it. It's given my series the ability to make fun of itself. It's weird what I have been able to do even with very little artistic skill. So, TPMC is everything you see here on the comics page. It's my imagination acted out by stick guys. It's life.

TPMC is not only about one thing, however. Above you see one of my unused ideas. It is not "funny" at all, but it still delivers a message. I could also construct it as just a poem, but to me the illustrations put a little more into the meaning of the thing. I have plenty of unused or unfinished ideas lying around. TPMC is really an extension of my mind, and I express it in various ways. Potentially, the stories have the greatest possibility within them, but drawing things is also a unique way to demonstrate my thoughts.

There has been an insane amount of pressure just in making comic 100 itself. However, I am not always trying to cave in to the demands of everybody else. Each comic has its on theme and message I try to convey in some ay. Practically ever single comic is based this ay. I take my "best" ideas and work from there. This is why I am alays open for ideas, but I end up never using most of them. I might still be inspired by something you've told me one day, though. The way my mind works, you can never tell. Inspiration randomly hits; I can be staring at the sky and suddenly get the coolest idea ever. But usually, the best concepts come into my head when I'm active. Soda helps a lot with that.

I chose to select and rank the 10 "best" comics of mine from the first 100. This is incredibly annoying. A lot of these have something special about them. Since I dre these, they are all examples of my quality ideas. I don't have to use crappy ideas since I'm not forced to make one every day. Cartoonists for newspapers have deadlines. This is probably why I have very little chance of becoming one in the future. Would you rather have 100 great comics, or 300 weak ones?

I'm not sure what will be next for this great series. You may see me drawing these with different computer programs, or having these edited and then hosted so that they are better to look at. You may even see me putting up a new comic every week, to entertain you and test myself. Either way, I thank you for enjoying my first 100 comics and telling others how cool these are, and as long as I can see people laugh, that's the ultimate reward right there. Now, what's next?