This is what the grid looks like. On the right are the hands of each player. To the left are the decks of each other. There are 10 squares on your side - 5 in the front row, and 5 in the back row. Only Field cards in the front row can attack (more on those soon).

This is an example of a Field card. This one is Bob the Demo Guy. Say hi to him. Above him are three different attack values, which depend on which direction he is attacking in. The cost is how many points it costs to play that card (in Bob's case, he's free). Defense lets the card survive better. Effect cards look similar, but only have a cost and an explanation of their abilities.

These are on the backs of each kind of card, representing which one they are. Notice in the first image that you can see the symbols on some of the cards. This is done to reveal a slight bit of information to each player. You can see the symbol top card on the opponent's deck, and at least one symbol of a card in their hand, but you won't know exactly what it is. This can alter and deepen strategies depending on what you think they could have.