I always liked making different kinds of games. In middle school, I even tried designing my own card game, with lots of properties and rules. However, that game never really went anywhere. I made decisions that needed every single card to be remade at one point, there were way too many different things to memorize, far too many different types of cards, the balance was far off, and my inspiration for it ended abruptly in a bad event I don't really want to describe anymore.

I have played a lot of other card games, though, as well as tried out a few different kinds my stepbro created. However, everything was a little too similar. I wanted to try and make a better, simpler game that did not look like any of the other ones I had been doing. For example, in almost every card game (and in every invented one) there was always some form of reducing your opponent's life to 0. What if I got rid of that and made it so that there was some other way to win?

I sometimes sorted my cards in specific ways or put them down in certain orders or patterns... just because. It didn't really matter where they were as long as they were in play. That gave me another thought - what if a big part of a card game was where you put the card on a field? Suddenly, I thought about simplifying my previous card game and starting something fresh and original. It worked pretty well, and I've appropriately named it "Arrows".

Over time, I'll be posting information about this card game on here to demonstrate ideas that (as far as I know) are unique for these types of games. I also come up with added concepts that I don't immediately put into the game, and I figure that this would be a good place to share those new things and see what you all think. Maybe it'll even inspire one of you if you always had small new ideas floating in your head. Try putting one of those thoughts on paper and see where it goes.